EVENT is now available on Amazon The Creative Commons edition of the EVENT manual is now available on Amazon.com & Amazon.it in e-book and paperback format

EVENT is now available on Amazon

Since October 20, 2018 the EVENT Creative Commons Edition is also available on Amazon.com, Amazon.it and all other localized Amazon stores worldwide.

We choose to do that to make the game available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback formats: unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow authors to publish their books for free, but we have chosen the lowest pricing rate available (0.99$ for the e-book, 5.34$ for the paperback edition): on top of that, if you purchase the paperback edition, you’ll be able to get the e-book for free.

The EVENT РAmazon Edition is nearly identical to the Creative Commons Edition with the sole exception of the book covers below (click on the image to enlarge).

E-Book – English

E-Book – Italian

Paperback – English

Paperback – Italian


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