EVENT review at L’Angolo del Dungeon Master

EVENT review at L'Angolo del Dungeon Master

L’Angolo del Dungeon Master, a Facebook-based blog dedicated to Role-Playing Games, dedicated the third issue of its #GiochiDellAngolo section to EVENT.

The review catches most of the key features of the game, such as:

  • Simplicity. The game can be explained and played within a single session since the rules, the character creation and the setting can be laid out in few minutes.
  • The Veto rule. A key aspect in the character creation phase, which is addressed as “tough, yet very effective”. The rule ensures that every character is well balanced and that the skill sets chosen by each player reflect the underlying setting.
  • Simple interaction rules. The review summarized the basic interaction rules in the following way: the Storyteller describes the scene, and if the action is deemed liable to failure, a six-sided die (d6) is rolled to determine the outcome of the check. The difficulty ranges from a scale of 1 to 6 and is the prerogative of the Storyteller to determine it before calling for the shot. The character’s skills are indicated by very short words or phrases, leaving the player the freedom to invent each one of them.
  • Well written. The manual is very well written and fluid enough to be easily understandable by everyone, including RPG newbies; all chapters contains actual play examples that helps to understand the (few) mechanics to control the various aspects of the game.
  • Optional rules. At the end of the manual ther’s a list of optional rules that you can add to give more sparkle to your sessions.

Our sincere thanks to L’Angolo del Dungeon Master editorial staff for this awesome review!


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