EVENT is by all means a modular Role-Playing Game System, built upon a lightweight set of core rules – the 30-pages long EVENT Manual – that can be learned in few minutes and are more than enough to play the game to its full extent.


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EVENT Role-Playing Game System Manual - Creative Commons Edition - English language. This...


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EVENT Role-Playing Game System Manual - Creative Commons Edition - Italian language. This...

The EVENT Manual is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0, which basically means that it can be used for any non-commercial purpose. Each rule is explained through Actual Play examples to facilitate the in-game learning experience of players and gamemasters: whether you are a role-playing game expert or a beginner, you will understand how to play EVENT within minutes – even if you have never read the manual before.

Optional Rules

The core rules can be extended and/or customized thanks to a number of Optional Rules, a modular set of advanced mechanics that can be applied in addition or in place of the default ruleset. The gamemasterrs and the players can choose or vote on which ones to use and which not.

The EVENT Creative Commons Edition already includes the following optional rules:

  • Abilities and Boosts, to increase the number of starting skills each player can choose during the character creation phase.
  • Talent, to give an additional perk to the characters in the form of a distinctive trait.
  • Open-End, a dice-throwing mechanic that will allow players to get an additional die each time one of their die scores its maximum.
  • Advanced Showdown, a replacement rule to handle the showdowns using dice comparison mechanic based upon the Risk! board game.
  • Character Progression, a way to ensure a steady progression of each character’s skills throughout multiple game sessions.
  • 10-Sided Dice, to replace the 6-sided dice with 10-sided ones.
  • Session Pool, a rule that will grant the players a collective dice pool to use during the sessions.
  • Trigger, a gameplay mechanic that will allow players to secretly prepare their characters against a possible threat and get an advantage if it occurs during the session.
  • Reckless Roll, a rule that allows players to negotiate a bet with the gamemaster in order to obtain the right to re-throw a decisive failed roll.
  • Reckless Die, a rule that allows players to negotiate a bet with the gamemaster in order to obtain an additional die before a decisive roll.

A lot more optional rules will be included in the EVENT Kickstarter Edition.

The optional rules are optional by all means, and are designed with the sole intent of adding more sugar to the core system: for such reason it’s advisable to avoid using them in your first game, since a basic knowledge of the default rules can be useful to properly evaluate them and to determine whether they’re worth a try or not.


The lightweight approach of the core rules can be extended with the EVENT Add-ons, a wide set of additional rules designed to add further levels of detail to some specific aspects of the game. Each Add-on is basically a group of optional rules dealing with the same subject or topic which can be adopted (as a whole or even partly) to increase its simulationist aspects, thus decreasing the narrative abstraction layer.

The EVENT Kickstarter Edition will include the following add-ons:

  • Combat System, featuring weapon damage, wounds & health management rules, designed for those who like a simulationist-based approach for fighting scenarios.
  • Power System, featuring a set of guidelines to create (or adapt) the most common spells, powers and/or supernatural skills of any sort.
  • Event System, featuring a set of examples, guidelines and actual plays that will help the gamemaster to create great events.
  • Settings System, featuring a set of examples and guidelines to help the gamemaster to design great campaign settings or to adapt existing ones.

… and more!