EVENT Video Review at Blood Manor Games!

EVENT Video Review at Blood Manor Games!

A huge thanks to Blood Manor Games, a RPG-related YouTube (and Twitch) channel that on Jun 25, 2020 published the first video-review ever (!) of EVENT!

The reviewer managed to catch a lot of relevant features of the game, such as:

  • Simple mechanics. Quick and intuitive system based on d6 dice sets.
  • Open abilities. No pre-defined abilities: players can create their very own set of unique abilities for their character, with simple yet effective balancing mechanics (the Veto Rule) to avoid unbalanced mixes and/or overpowered stuff.
  • Fast learning experience. The manual is only 30 pages long and filled with useful actual-game examples, thus granting a gentle learning curve: a slender approach that makes the game ideal for RPG novices & beginners, as well as seasoned players who wants to quickly try something new without spending too much time learning the rules.
  • Lots of optional rules. The game features a set of optional rules that can be used to further expand the overall mechanics and improve the gaming experience: a valuable add-on for experienced players.

The review also explores numerous other aspects, such as the game’s purely narrative approach and (last but not least) the fact that it’s completely free!

Our sincere thanks to Blood Manor Games YouTube Channel for this awesome review!

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