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    EVENT is a Role-Playing Game System that combines simplicity, efficiency and swiftness to offer a unique and engaging gaming experience.

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    A modular ruleset built upon a lightweight core that can be expanded with optional rules and add-ons.

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    Read the latest news from the EVENT Kickstarter campaign and access the new rules & add-ons as soon as they come out.

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    Get a copy and put your name on the EVENT Kickstarter Edition featuring awesome artwork and more Actual Play examples, optional rules and add-ons.

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Latest News

Development info, updates & details

New EVENT version released! [1.1.180810]

New EVENT version released! [1.2.181020]

21 October 2018

Hello everyone, we’re proud to announce that a new, improved Event Creative Commons Edition has been released today! This is mostly a content maintenance release, in which we did fix some typing…

EVENT article review at JustNerd.it

EVENT article review at JustNerd.it

The italian blog JustNerd.it, dedicated to nerds, geeks and pop cultures in the world and in Italy, published a great information article about EVENT. The reviewer, Veronica Maramonte, managed to catch…

EVENT is now available on Amazon

EVENT is now available on Amazon

Since October 20, 2018 the EVENT Creative Commons Edition is also available on Amazon.com, Amazon.it and all other localized Amazon stores worldwide. We choose to do that to make the…

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