EVENT running for Role-Playing Game of the Year 2021

EVENT running for Role-Playing Game of the Year 2021

EVENT is one of the 22 role-playing games registered to partecipate in the 2021 edition of the Gioco di Ruolo dell’Anno (Role-Playing Game of the Year), a competition held annually by LuccaCrea srl (the company behind Lucca Comics & Games).

Since 2013, the titles of “Game of the Year” and “Role-playing Game of the Year”, points of reference for players, publishing and recreational distribution in Italy, have been assigned by a jury of experts, which evaluates the games published within the current year. The shortlist of finalists is announced every year at the beginning of September, and the winner is announced at the beginning of October. The award ceremony takes place in the prestigious setting of Lucca Comics & Games, the most important festival dedicated to comics, games and entertainment in Italy.

On Saturday 25 September Paolo Cupola, president of the Jury of the Role Play of the Year, and the jurors Mirella Vicini (vice president), Giovanni Bacaro, Michele Bellone, Anna Benedetto, Marzia Possenti and Daniele Prisco, will host a meeting to announce the 5 finalists that will ultimately run for the prize: the meeting will take place at FirenzeGioca, a festival held annually in Florence, Italy and dedicated to board games, role-playing games, traditional games, live action games and re-enactments.

Let’s hope that EVENT will make it!

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