EVENT review at LifeIsNerd.it

EVENT review at LifeIsNerd.it

We’ve got another review from an italian website: yay! The name of the site is LifeIsNerd.it, a nerd information and culture blog.

The reviewer, Gianluca Alfano (aka Metrogix), managed to catch most of the key features of the game, such as:

  • Few rules, lots of storytelling. Being a minimalist RPG, it doesn’t take much to play Event: just some sheets of paper, pencils, erasers and a little bit of it are enough. of six-sided dice.
  • Event-centric. As in most role-playing games, one of the players will assume the role of Game Master, i.e. the one who will bring the setting to life and tell the story in which the other players will be involved: at the same time, the game master (alone or together with the other players) must decide a key event from which the story will start.
  • Easy character creation process. Based on the chosen setting and the initial event defined by the master, players will be able to create their own characters by answering three simple questions: Who is he? What does he look like? What can he do? Answering these questions will define the identity of each character. The third question (what can he do?) will constitute the most salient part of the character creation.

The review also explores numerous other aspects, such as the Veto rule, the player interaction mechanics, and much more.

Our sincere thanks to Gianluca and to the LifeIsNerd editorial staff for this awesome review!

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