New EVENT version released! [1.1.180810]

New EVENT version released! [1.1.180810]

Hello everyone, we’re proud to announce that a new, improved Event Creative Commons Edition has been released today, featuring four additional optional rules!

Here’s the release log:


  • Session Pool, a shared number of dices available that Players can get within each sessions to increase their chances for crucial rolls.
  • Trigger, a secret “insurance” that each Player can secretly write at the start of the session that will most likely trigger a specific response action (or interaction) from that player’s character. The trigger is basically a defensive mechanic that can be used by players to prevent a potential threat (or any event) that they think could hit their character during the session.
  • Reckless Roll, a neat optional rule that will allow Players to bet against the Master to try again whenever they’re not happy with the first roll!
  • Reckless Die, a way for Players to get an additional die, similar to the Reckless Roll.

During the last month we’ve extensively playtested them and we had a blast!

All these new rules are already available in the Creative Commons Edition of the game that you can download using the links contained in the Kickstarter project page: try them and let me know your opinion using the Comment section!

We’re also working to more optional perks (such as a Damages and Wounds optional ruleset that will greatly help players and gamemasters who’ll want to host frequent combat sessions): most of them will be only available to the Kickstarter Edition, that will be a brand-new product of around 150-200 pages featuring awesome artwork, a lot more Actual Play examples and – most importantly – a huge amount of additional optional rules, perks and mods that I’m currently writing during the playtesting phase!

If you want to support the project, don’t forget to make a pledge on Kickstarter!


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