EVENT Q&A Session at The Hardboiled GMshoe’s Office!

EVENT Q&A Session at The Hardboiled GMshoe's Office!

We’re pleased to say that tonight we had a great Q&A session about EVENT with Dan Davenport, also known as The Hardboiled GMshoe! It was a 2h-long event in which we went through most of the game mechanics, paying particular attention to the new optional rules and the modular aspects of the system.

In our opinion Dan did a great job with the questions, bringing out some distinctive aspects of EVENT and emphasising the importance of building some additional optional modules such as:  combat system, spell system, bestiary. We couldn’t be more happy to hear that, as they are precisely the optional rulesets we’re currently working at and planning to include in the Kickstarter Edition!

Thanks to all the backers and stay tuned for more action!

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